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Urban Canteen 17oz 2-PACK
Purchase Urban Canteen 17oz 2-PACK

"I've never felt better! I finally got back to my core weight of 198lbs. I haven't been there in nearly 20 years. I never really considered myself overweight. I didn't really feel fat. But I was. A large part of the reason...Soda Pop! Over the last 9 months my life has changed dramatically by eliminating junk from my diet and drinking ONLY WATER (with the exception of the occasional beer). That's right, only drinking water has made a tremendous difference in my life. And not just any water, spring water from a natural spring near my home. During this process I wanted to also eliminate plastic from my life as much as possible. The key to making the transition, the Urban Canteen! I fill 4 of them with spring water everyday and place them in my truck. This was always a problem before because the plastic bottled water I was using would sit in the truck in the summer and get hot. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why didn't you just keep the water in your Polar Bear Cooler? Well, some times I would. But eventually I would take a few out and leave them in the door of my truck for convenience, meaning to drink them and then forget they were there. (Memory, that's another subject). Anyway, those days are over! Now I ready the water in the morning with 3 cubes of ice each and put them in the side door of my truck. It doesn't matter if I forget and leave them there, the water stays chilled 'til the next day no problem! (Just to be clear, the 3 ice cubes melt pretty quick, but the water stays nice and cool just the way I like it all day long). Most importantly, I take my Urban Canteen spring water with me everywhere I go including every restaurant. I have to say, I was expecting some resistance, but I have received none. Whereever I go now I take and drink clean fresh plastic-free spring water. And because I have it, I am not tempted to drink sodas nor do I need to settle for tap water. And as far as plastic bottles are concerned (which I would fumble through nearly 30 of a week), they're GONE! No more recycle bins full of plastic bottles!

The Urban Canteen, It's a game changer!"

- Strud Nash
Founder/CEO - Polar Bear Coolers

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The Polar Bear Urban Canteen is forged in steel! Our Urban Canteens are copper-plated, double-wall, 18/8 premium stainless-steel, vacuum insulated beverage containers. The unique copper-plated steel design prevents thermal radiation transfer, making the Polar Bear Urban Canteen the most well-insulated beverage container that you can own. If it's not COPPER-PLATED, then it's NOT a Polar Bear!

- Keeps Cold for 24-Hours, Keeps Hot for 12 Hours

- Copper-Plated, Double-Wall, Vacuum Insulated 18/8 Stainless Steel Construction

- Watertight Screw Top Lid

- Easy to Clean

- BPA Free - Plastic Eliminator

There are great opportunities available with the Polar Bear Cooler line. Polar Bear Coolers are the highest quality soft coolers made and our success over the years just goes to show that if you give someone a quality product at a fair price, they will remember you for it. The fan mail speaks for itself.
Thank you for being a Polar Bear Coolers Customer. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality product possible. In doing so, we offer a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects. Proper care must be taken to assure longevity. Please do not place sharp, pointed or blunt objects inside your cooler.