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Team Polar Bear


We are proud to have Reggie Kelly former tight end of the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals, now on Team Polar Bear! Reggie is the founder of Kyvan Foods.

We invited Reggie and wife Sheila over to test out the sauce and pick up some Polar Bear Coolers with the Kyvan Logo and WOW! This stuff is the real deal southern style soul food!

Be sure to check out the site and put some south in your mouth. You will be glad you did!


Two brands known for quality, one awesome cooler!

A shared ethos and a love for the great outdoors have brought Polar Bear and Carhartt WIP together to release an exclusive camping cooler.

Built stronger to last longer, the Polar Bear Cooler comes in two colourways including Deep Night and Camo Duckblind.

The Polar Bear x Carhartt WIP Camping Cooler is now available at Carhartt WIP stores, selected retailers and online.


The leading brand in camouflage and Polar Bear Coolers teamed up to bring you the Mossy Oak backpack cooler.

You wanted a cooler that would keep it cold all day long and take you where you wanted to go without scaring off your kill. Now you got it!

Mossy Oak isn't just your typical company. They're involved in all kinds of cool stuff from conservation to education. The company is top notch and we're proud to have them on Team Polar Bear.


From the beginning, the focus at Rising was to design and build products that would improve the fishing experience - be that on the water, on the road, at the tying table, or chilling by the campfire. These guys specialize in fishing tools, storage and apparel. Another company that perfectly complements Polar Bear Coolers for your outdoor adventures!


This company's grilling tool is the perfect companion to your Polar Bear Cooler. Pops Q Tool will cover the grill and PBC will cover the chill! Eliminate your collection of BBQ tools with the Pops Q tool. Their functional grilling multi-tool is designed to handle anything you can barbecue. They are so proud of their product, they even offer an unconditional warranty! Check them out!


Polar Bear Cooler is proud to give back to the local community. We often provide event sponsorships and / or product for event give aways. What's better than winning a free Polar Bear Cooler!? Below are some of the local organizations and events we are happy to call our friends.