Boat House Cooler


– Paul Brazones – Senior Executive Raft Guide – Performance Tours – Bueno Vista, CO “Road hard and put up wet, the Polar Bear H20 is the work horse of the Performance Tour fleet. With over 100 guided tour trips down the Arkansas River, the Polar Bear H20 is functioning good as new!” Click HERE to order…
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Medical Coolers


Polar Bear Med Coolers – Cryo MedEx – Cold Chain Solutions  “I’m not sure if you need customer recommendations, but I thought I would send this e-mail anyway. Your product is amazing, and in my case it is a genuine life saver. At age 20 I was diagnosed with early-onset rheumatoid arthritis. Luckily I have…
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Redlyner Racing

Redlyner Main Image Thumb

When it came time for Polar Bear Coolers to sponsor a race car, we knew that we had to go over the top. Sure, we could have sponsored a NASCAR or a Formula 500 Car, but that is what everybody does! Instead, we took to the desert for answers. It was there, on the scorching hot Baja desert…
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